About Rockfish

Our Mission

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We here at Rockfish Lacrosse Club’s main mission is family and respect. We aim to create a familiar atmosphere between all our in-house club teams along with the vast number of teams we face throughout the year. We strive to teach our kids to not only be respectful to themselves but to all others on and off the field. Rockfish Lacrosse loves lacrosse as much as everyone involved in the sport, but we also realize that playing and becoming great lacrosse players is only a small part of pie. We want our kids to grow to be better prepared for life after the game. Here at Rockfish Lacrosse, we aim to have as much involvement from the parents as well as the kids because without the parents there would not be a club for the kids to play on! We our excited and blessed to have our current families along with all future families playing with the club! Go Fish!