Rockfish Philosophy

Game Changer Skill Sessions

  • The Fundamentals Matter
  • Skills Breakdown--mastering the right moves
  • Every Repetition Counts


Sessions will be taught by Pro Staffer and Rockfish Offensive Director Justin Ward, Defensive Director Pat March, Goalie Director Bill Collinson and our staff of HighSchool and College Coaches.

A message from Pro Staffer and College Assistant Coach, Justin Ward

"After a full summer of recruiting college lacrosse talent for Georgetown, I’ve seen my fair share of poor fundamentals. It has come to my attention that some of the youth in our sport find more value in shooting the ball than throwing an accurate pass to an open teammate. In our sport, we are at a place and time where there is a need for players to master their fundamentals so they can take their game to the next level." 

Skills Development Philosophy--The Fundamentals Matter

Our philosophies are simple in terms of educating our players. We believe in breaking down each “skill” into small segments and teaching them at different speeds. For example, when we  break down the skill of shooting or even rolling away from an approaching defender, there are many small but critical movements that go into executing that skill. 

Mastering The Right Moves

Shooting for example has a number of phases: posture, hand placement, footwork, extension, rotation, and follow through. For defense, it's approach angles, breaking down, timing of when to throw checks and what to do once the ball is in your stick.  For goalies, it's geared around technique, communication and clearing the ball.  We take the time to master these small segments of so our players will understand why we "do" and how  we "do" each concept. By teaching these small, critical movements for all skills positions at a comfortable pace while maximizing our repetitions, we've found that players masters the skills much faster. 

Every Repetition Counts

We are big believers in quality repetitions. “Every rep matters” is something that we try to impose in our players. One of our favorite coaching quotes is “Every rep matters; both physical and mental.” As an athlete, our players improve by physically doing a drill, by visually watching a teammate do a drill, or by verbally discussing a skill with a parent or coach. With the opportunity at hand, our coaches will harp on this at skill sessions because in an hour and a halves time, there are only so many reps one young athlete can get. 

Enthusiasm is Contagious 

What fun would our sport be without a little yelling and running around? Our goal is that when introducing a new tip or skill, each player has the feeling that it’s the most important thing he’s learned that day. We strive to convey that message throughout a drill and even a practice, that player will likely feel that everything he did that day is important. If he finds everything to be important, he’ll most likely practice it on his own and also be eager to learn the next time out on the field. As Jack Harbaugh, father of Jim and John Harbaugh used to tell his boys when dropping them off at school, “Attack this day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.”

Offensive Skills Director, Justin Ward