Our Annual Trip to Seattle

Space Needle Shootout

Rockfish strives to provide unique experiences for our players so that we achieve our mission of growing the player and the person. A great example of this is our involvement in the Space Needle Shootout in Seattle.


Since 2008 we have traveled across the country with several Rockfish teams to play in this tournament.  Our goal is to field two high school level teams—one at the elite level and another at the JV level, which includes 9th and 10th grade players.


In addition to traveling across the country, the tournament represents an opportunity to:

  • Play some great lacrosse—and see that the sport is growing well beyond the borders of Anne Arundel county! Teams from California and Canada join this event each year. In fact, over half the teams are Canadian and it’s a very interesting experience watching Canadians play with their “box style” lacrosse flair.
  • Visit the world famous and eclectic Pike Street market--the home of the very first Starbucks.
  • Watch fish fly through the air at the fishmonger stand…perhaps even a Rockfish!


Fundraise to pay for their trip

It’s a great experience for your son to enjoy the benefits of hard work. If they’re able to sell enough bingo tickets and discount cards, it’s possible to pay for their trip in full.


How are teams selected?

Teams are selected with the goal of giving Rockfish players first option to participate. We invite all 10th graders and they are selected based on seniority within the Rockfish organization. We reserve the option to select Rockfish alumni and other players outside of our organization in order to field a full team.


Trip Itinerary in a nutshell

  • The trip is the first weekend in December Every Year
  • Thursday:  We fly out of BWI right after school and arrive fairly late
  • Friday:  We visit the eclectic downtown Seattle and the famous Space Needle and Pike Street Market.  Friday night we will play in one game.
  • Saturday:  We will play two games
  • Sunday:  We play at least one game and more if we make the playoffs
  • Monday:  We fly home


If you’ve ever traveled with a youth team then you understand that this is an opportunity to create both life long memories and friendships—and grow your player in ways that only a trip like this can deliver.


We hope to see you in Seattle in the coming years!