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Agency of Record

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Rockfish representatives met with a Motive | Pure representative and after hearing him out, we all agreed that this is a product worth buying. Motive Pure was created by Jesse Hubbard, a 4 time All American and all-time leading points scorer for Princeton University. Jesse didn't like the sports drinks that were and still are out in the market today, so he helped in the creation of this naturally flavored and naturally sweetened, zero artificial, zero sugar, just electrolytes hydration drink.

Steve Spence, Founder of Rockfish Lacrosse also spoke with a doctor that specializes in nutrition. He watched him speak to female athletes at Old Mill High School. After the end of his presentation he showed the doctor the card that Tom Robinson (MP Rep) gave him that explained what Motive Pure was and it's ingredients. The doctor told Steve immediately that this was the type of hydration all athletes should be using.


The Painting Company

This Painting Company is a proud sponsor of the Rockfish family this upcoming season. The Painting Company is a family owned and operated home improvement company with over a decade of experience in the Baltimore DC metro area. Specializing in custom home painting and home improvement . We feel every job and client is unique and take pride in our ability to Taylor every project to the needs of that client. So when  your next home project arises let our family take of your family ,and our new Sales Manger and long time Rockfish coach Brian McGeeney will get right back to you to get the job done.