Example Recruiting Letters you Might Want to Start Writing

Here are two great examples of recruiting letter you can use as a template. It's important all of you are emailing coaches. Try to come up with a list of 20 colleges and start emailing them.

Sample Letter 1
Sample Letter 2

College Recruiting Tips

Great Resources

RECRUITING TIMELINE : An article from Lax Power
LACROSSE RECRUITS.COM : Recommended by Lax Power
LAX POWER TIPS : Found on their website
HOPKINS PACKET TO RECRUITING: Written by Janine Tucker, Johns Hopkins University
COLLEGE RECRUITING PACKET: Good resource written by Nick Martino

Clearinghouse Information

CLICK HERE to go to the NCAA Clearinghouse Eligibility Center to get started.

College Highlight Videos

Parents and Players,
We have a YouTube Channel that we can put highlights up on. All you have to do is upload it or send it to me. Also, if you are interested in putting together a highlight video, I will help with this, free of charge (that will save you about $500-$1000). All I ask is that you give me a few days to upload the video of games to my computer (which you will have to provide). Then your son can come over to my house and find the highlights. Once that is done I'll piece it all together into a nice highlight video.