A Message From The Founder

The following is an interview conducted by Eric Galasso, Marketing Director of Rockfish Lacrosse Club, and Steve Spence, Founder of Rockfish Lacrosse Club, Inc.

  • Hero's Man of the Year 2013
  • High School Coach Man of the Year 2009
  • Two time Coach of the Year 2005 and 2007
  • 15 years, Head coach at Old Mill
  • 8 years Rockfish Coach

Why did you form Rockfish?

I formed Rockfish as a way to give back…I was able to go to college because of lacrosse. So, I wanted to form club that offered an excellent lacrosse experience at an affordable price for families. And year after year, we’ve accomplished that while showcasing our player’s skills at the top recruiting tournaments. That’s one of the reasons we offer scholarships to families and their player the financial assistance needed to play club lacrosse. These scholarships are offered to players that have the work ethic and the skills to create a future college opportunity.

Where did you learn to play lacrosse?

In the front yard of my house with my brother Dave starting when I was 9 years old.  I never played rec ball because I was playing ice hockey at the time, which was an expensive sport.  When I entered High School, and since our family wasn’t made of money, I was given a choice between ice hockey and lacrosse — I picked lacrosse and went on to play in 1988 at Severna Park Highschool. I played all 4 years and started on Varsity as Sophmore and was named All-County every year from Sophomore on.

Why do you love lacrosse?

It fits my attributes. I enjoyed being physical because of my ice hockey experience and I had speed. I really enjoyed creating the offense—being the feeder to create scoring opportunities. Groundballs were my specialty. They nicknamed me “The Hoover” because I was great at getting ground balls. In my senior year at Severna Park I had 136 ground balls, which is probably my most proud stat to date.

What values do you try to instill in players?

At Rockfish we strive to grow the player and the person. This means teaching our players about more than just excellent lacrosse skills—and preparing them for life after lacrosse.  We strive for them to understand what hard work and “perfect effort” mean.  And to understand teamwork—to always strive for “one more” to create offensive and defensive opportunities for not just themselves, but their teammates as well.  

Tell us about the future of Rockfish?

This year is shaping up to be our most exciting ever. I’ve realized that I needed help in growing our club so I’ve recruited a group of people who love the sport to assist in field and tournament operations, marketing, and most importantly player development. We are looking forward to achieving our mission more than ever of growing the player and person!